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Name: Marian Filip ,

Born on 12th. September 1958, in Beius , Romania.

Living place : Oradea, Romania.

Composer, lyricist, singer and guitar player, mostly of contemporary or modern country, as well as other musical genres. Subscribed as a member of Romanian Musical Performing and Mechanical Rights Society.

I sing and play my own songs as well as well-known cover songs, including duets performed with SSIA, a woman vocalist. She also sings tangos and waltzes.




“Lampa lui Aladin”, album released in November 2012, with a content of  13 songs .

1.Lampa lui Aladin, composer, lyricist Marian Filip

2.Stele, composer Alexander Lee, lyrics Marian Filip

3.Canta cu Mine, composer, lyricist Marian Filip

4.Inima-mi stie, composer Eddie Arnold, Cindy Walker, lyrics Marian Filip

5.Iti cant , compositor Kennerley Paul Hardy, lyrics Marian Filip

6.In Drum, composer Marian Filip

7.For the good times,composer: Kristofferson Kristoffer
lyrics: Kristofferson Kristoffer

8.Candva in viitorcomposer: Knopfler Mark
lyrics: Filip Marian

9.Crazy, composer: Nelson Willie
lyrics: Nelson Willie

10.Prima noapte,composer: Filip Marian
lyrics: Filip Marian

11.Vis,composer: Filip Marian
lyrics: Chelu Alexandrina

12.Always on my mind, composer: Christoper Johnny, Thompson Wayne, Zambon Francis Rodney
lyrics: Christoper Johnny, Thompson Wayne, Zambon Francis Rodney

13.Trage-mi una !
composer: Armstrong Billie Joe, Pritchard Mike, Wright Frank E.
lyrics: Filip Marian

Recently recorded and released:

1.Stand by Me, own country version (2013), very appreciated in USA .

2.Noapte de Craciun, duet with SSIA, a Christmas song, music: Alexandru Deac, lyrics: Marian Filip (2013)

3.Picura, music: Marian Filip (2014)


  • Show at The Paddock Café in Bruxelles, 22 March 2014
  • Concert at Stage, Oradea, 8 March 2014 ( Invited: SSIA )
  • Show at Revelionul Artistilor, Hanul cu Tei, Bucuresti, 9 Jan. 2014
  • Show at Paff Bar, Bruxelles,  8 Dec. 2013
  • Show at Hanul cu Noroc, Oradea, 21.Dec. 2013
  • Concert at Queens music Pub Oradea, 15 Nov. 2013  ( invited: SSIA )
  • Show in Bruxelles, 31.10.2013 at " La Rotonde" ( invited: SSIA )
  • Show in Bruxelles,  02,11.2013 at "Paff Bar"
  • ( invitata SSIA )
  • Concert at Ramada, Bucharest, 21.11.2013 ( invited: SSIA )
  • Concert at Era Shopping Parc, 06 Sept. 2013
  • Show Miss Arad 2013, at “Teatrul de Stat Ioan Slavici”, Arad, 30 Aug. 2013
  • Concert Give Peace a Chance, Oradea, 06. Aug. 2013
  • Concert at Hanul cu Noroc, Oradea, 25 iulie 2013
Show " Miss Crisana 2013" at Hanul Pescarilor, Oradea, 27June 2013.

  • Concert at Hilton Double Tree Oradea, in 13 June 2013

  • Concert Marian Filip at "President Hotel" in Felix Bath, 16.05.2013, invited: Alexandrina Chelu
  • Lampa lui Aladin - Concert in Stage Muzeu, 20.03.2013
  • Show “Gala Premiilor Bihorel”, at Lotus Mall Oradea, 28.02.2012
  • Concert Hiroshima, Give Peace a Chance, 6 August 2011
, Oradea
  • Concert: Hiroshima, Give Peace a Chance, 6 August 2012,
  • Concert in Sanmartin,2011, 16 august
  • Concert in “Saptamana Teatrului Scurt”, in Oradea Sept 2011

  • Concert at  Beauty Fair - Real in Oradea 11 November 2011

  • Concert at AmbasaD’Or, in Bucuresti, 25 Mai 2011
  • Radio Transilvania

  • Radio ProDiaspora

  • Radio National FM
  • Radio Romania International
  • Radio Timisoara FM

On Tv:

• National TV emisiunea Corinei Chiriac "Sa v-amintiti duminica" din data de 26 mai 2013 

• TVS Oradea la emisiunea Portativ Tv in 23 august 2011

• National TV on 16 dec 2012

On Radio:

• Radio Transilvania

  • • Radio ProDiaspora

  • • Radio National FM
  • • Radio Romania International
  • • Radio Timisoara FM